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"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." the Lyrics blasted from her pink boom box from the Sears catalog. Lola Staar, shimmied her seven-year-old body into her favorite fringed flapper dress from the dress up chest. With a determined gleam in her eye, she pulled on her pompom footies and laced her roller skates tightly to her feet. Then, Lola began to skate. Unbeknownst to the world above, this basement showgirl was hard at work. the metal wheels of her roller skates became a shiny blur as she passed again and again the dress-up chest, ping pong table, the hot water heater and around again. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest.....Lola knew, she always knew, one day she would be a star.

As Lola Staar grew, her dreams changed course but she always revered the profound truth in those boom-box-dress-up-daydreams. In 1991 Lola dreamt her fabulous tee shirt line into existence. This dream was born out of the magical thumping techno bass of abandoned warehouse raves in Detroit where Lola first sold her glittering line of tees. The dream of creating empowering clothing with the same sense of dreaming as the fringed flapper dress from the dress up chest brought Lola to New York City. It wasn't long before her heart soon found it's home in Coney Island. Since that fateful day, Lola Staar has captured the hearts of millions with the adorably sassy line of tee shirts that she designs and sells at The Lola Staar Souvenir Boutique on the Coney Island Boardwalk, the Union Square Holiday Market and in fabulous retail stores across the world.

The shimmering breeze of the sparkling sea brought Lola to the magical and sometimes scandalous land of mayhem and wonder, Coney Island. Since the summer of 2001 the iridescent hot pink glow of the Lola Staar Souvenir Boutique can be seen for miles around, radiating from the legendary Coney Island Boardwalk. Seduced by the love of glitz and the glare of sparkling lights, Lola opened her boutique and began capturing the bazaar history and fantastical folklore of carvivalesque land of Coney Island in her tee shirt designs. Each summer, customers lose themselves in the rapture of Coney Island souvenirs and collectibles, enchant-alicous Lola Staar tees, glittering jewelry, marvelous Mermaid Day memorabilia, beach toys, sparkling dress up gear, antique tin windup toys, beautiful tattoo parlor chochkie and an infinity of kitschy novelties.

It was during the wild technicolor nights of splendor at Coney Island's "Burlesque at the Beach" that Lola met the sassy, sexy and fabulous stars of the booming New York Burlesque underworld. These talented ladies are the inspiration behind Lola's new line of "New York Burlesque" tee shirts. Bunny Love, Bambi, Lucky, Lady Ace, *BOB*, and the world famous Pontani Sisters are a just few of the fabulous stars depicted in this sassy and fun line. In addition to this line of tees, Lola Staar is very excited to announce our exuberantly colorful and audaciously glamorous New York Burlesque 2003 Calendar!!

Clothing is a powerful means of expressing your identity your hopes and your dreams. From our sexy Burlesque line to our sassy Jersey and Brooklyn lines, Lola creates clothing which will bring out the star hidden deep within you. She will cultivate within you and your wardrobe, the suspicion that you are the star of whatever you care to dream true.

May the enchantment of Lola Staar shine in the snow globe of your soul and reveal the suspicion hidden deep inside of the you that this magical place has always existed and thrives in the continually shifting amusement park of life called possibility.

Be a Star, Live Forever.....Lola Staar!!



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